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This group is for sharing all the group member’s created flash cards concerning GMAT exam. You can make flash cards or use the existing flash cards. Just do not forget to describe why you think your flash cards should be here. (the origination, the name of the source or simply the reason you made those words into flash)

(1) GMAT 附录三 GMAT常考短语及词组

164 concepts, including:
aerial image, air envelope, all the more, an encounter action, antitrust law, assembly line, as-yet-unexploited, at best, at issue, at odds, at one stroke, at stake, average out, bargain on doing sth., be at a disadvantage, be leery of

(2) 杨鹏抽象词-1

50 concepts, including:
forestall, Abolitionism, assume, commentary, academic, assumption, commit, acceptance, attain, competent, accidental, attitude, complex, Accommodate, Attune, Comprise, acknowledge, Authenticate, Conception, acknowledgement, Authorization, Conceptual

(3) Debate Terminology

16 concepts, including:
Proposition, Constructive Case, Rebuttal, Time Rules, Logos, Ethos, Pathos, Reason, Rational, Logic, Reasoning, Syllogism, Analogy, Premise, Conclusion, Reasoning by Analogy

(4) Number Properties 1

39 concepts, including:
Integer, Quotient, Divisible (Divisor of/Multiple of), Remainder, Divisible by 2 if …, Divisible by 3 if …, Divisible by 4 if …, Divisible by 5 if …, Divisible by 6 if …, Divisible by 8 if …, Divisible by 9 if …

(5) GMAT.PART3. idioms.3

20 concepts, including:
inseparable words with “for”, inseparable words with “up”, inseparable words with, inseparable words with “away”, inseparable word look, inseparable word break, inseparable word call, inseparable word come, inseparable word go

(6) GMAT (PART3) Idioms.2

20 concepts, including:
correlate “with” or “to”, acquaint, comply “with”, break up/down, cut up, cut down, cut out, Deal in/with, separable verb: Break, separable verb: bring, separable verb: burn, separable verb: give, separable verb: hand, separable verb: keep

(7) GMAT (PART3) Idioms.1

20 concepts, including:
ability “to” doing sth, distinction”between”, invest “in”, restriction “on”, except “in”, date “at” 1 million years, consider in the meaning of “think of “or “believe after
careful deliberation” consider A B, leads “to”

(8) Official guide words, 35

26 concepts, including:
perpetuate, juxtapose, attendant, maternity, condemn, patriarchal, dim, spiral, primordial, diffuse, blueprint, rescue, enthusiastically, cease, deterrence, abdicate, harness, reap, maxim, monsoon, slam, infrared radiation, acoustic, eyewitness, eruption

(9) Official guide words, 34

20 concepts, including:
boost, neotropical, mangrove forest, seaward, zonation, hurricane, consummate, bid, receptor, membrane, derivative, locomotion, stumbling block, emancipatory, emancipation, profound, prevail, hoary, stereotype, purview

(10) Official guide words, 33

20 concepts, including:
thrust, temblor, snail, parasite, obese, jury, buoy, reimburse, renown, expounder, solitary, envy, reserve, scrap iron, ore, furnace, elongate, accrue, tenure, booth

(11) Official guide words, 32

20 concepts, including:
fleet, owl, suspend, hatch, milepost, bind, spectacular, soar, recreation, provision, convention, amendment, tilt, perennial, civil servant, upward, stagnation, misstep, blunder, minute

(12) Official guide words, 31

20 concepts, including:
landfill, delinquent, restitution, seizure, accuse, chalice, grueling, refugee, arable lands, par, inconvenience, parity, pitfall, oddity, single out, per se, apt, blade, appreciably, cumbersome

(13) Official guide words, 30

20 concepts, including:
mishap, shoot up, squeeze, consortium, swell, coarse, noxious, seal off, trace amount, collateral, upcoming, contemplate, ankle, marital, arrest, provisional, bountiful, meteorology, ambush, abjure

(14) Official guide words, 29

20 concepts, including:
sweat, excrete, renal, grave, hinder, lawsuit, gimmick, liability, dignity, sue, agitate, solidarity, editorial, uncompromising, discrimination, militant, grievance, tough, ordinance, spate

(15) Official guide words, 28

20 concepts, including:
signify, slump, poliomyelitis, sanitation, paralysis, lifelong, hygiene, suburb, dengue, hemorrhage, dissemination, virulent, controversy, kidney, homeostasis, deprive, vertebrate, handicap, burrow, pant

(16) Official guide words, 27

20 concepts, including:
toll charge, toll call, delight, auditor, racial, ward off, contamination, unfetter, detention, exhort, empathy, cross breed, hybrid, breeder, chatty, prosaic, asthma, succinctly, unobtrusive, in violation of

(17) Official guide words, 26

20 concepts, including:
precision, hump, pernicious, biodegradable, disposable, ill suited, ill sorted, combat, prerogative, forger, virtue, impairment, stroke, latent, hydroponics, sentinel, scout, roost, voluminous, kinship

(18) Official guide words, 25

20 concepts, including:
intrinsic, coincidental, coral reef, biosphere, prolific, symbiotic relation, herbivore, sustenance, lighter, lever, clog, adverse, publicity campaign, fare, lane, commute, episode, effluent, inflict, reversible

(19) Official guide words, 24

20 concepts, including:
benevolence, realm, sentimentalize, altruism, cling, tenacious, philanthropy, mint, lava, erupt, vole, amass, sympatric, twig, slender, morphology, undergo, laissez-faire, ethos, clash

(20) Official guide words, 23

20 concepts, including:
trivialize, trivial, allude, recapitulate, elucidate, mutually exclusive, windshield, hinge, bolster, petition, err, accusation, utterly, diction, disgust, morality, stump, rebel, rebellion, domesticity

(21) Official guide words, 22

20 concepts, including:
rally, brutal, conscience, resurgence, culminate, bestow, technological determinism, decisive, construe, misrepresent, consent, breadth, contention, analogous, concurrent, cessation, exodus, census, entice, slavery

(22) Official guide words, 21

20 concepts, including:
secretion, reciprocal, ramification, foreshadow, vaguely, capriciousness, painstaking, bypass, instantaneous, inextricable, stipulate, swift, dehydration, alluvial, unravel, pinpoint, aerial, discern, divinely, aquatic

(23) Official guide words, 20

20 concepts, including:
clan, wasp, permissive, effigy, supplicant, reign, pageant, spectacle, womb, rudimentary, deem, islet, maritime, mortgage, sympathy, wildlife, havoc, catastrophic, asteroid, comet

(24) Official guide words, 19

20 concepts, including:
incinerator, prank, outlive, ascribe, disuse, apprenticeship, pupation, take home, aviation, runway, immoderate, unearth, successor, plague, scribe, outbreak, payroll, handful, playwright, incipient

(25) Official guide words, 18

20 concepts, including:
inedible, downturn, retaliation, tribunal, tip, pseudoscience, genuine, burner, retard, beside the point, perishable, embargo, accord, blockade, discord, unanimous, reminiscent, tariff, vacant, ash

(26) Official guide words, 17

20 concepts, including:
evident, vintner, paved road, soap opera, air, defy, dialect, barrel, surge, clog, compliance, sprinkler, arena, faith, worrisome, dispel, impending, entitle, commissioner, specious

(27) Official guide words, 16

20 concepts, including:
paleolithic era, poacher, citrus, rot, salvage, defense attorney, delinquent, perpetrator, stomach ulcer, fatigue, drastic, overly, objective, spurious, ivory, carve, flap, meanwhile, real estate, ample

(28) Official guide words, 15

20 concepts, including:
devote, adjacent, treaty, enclave, jurisdication, sovereignty, pueblo, statute, designate, rescind, abolish, bear on, impression, neanderthal, brazen, allegation, bizarre, specimen, precipitation, encase

(29) Official guide words, 14

20 concepts, including:
suppress, algae, drought, conducive, dam, deaf, dissociate, counterproductive, outstrip, devastate, inscription, dilemma, anthology, encyclopedia, wade, textile industry, segregation, eligible, weave, rear

(30) Official guide words, 13

20 concepts, including:
sugar cane, irrigation, comply, insecticide, pollen, caterpillar, biodegradable, crush, plow, herbicide, elderly, afflict, culprit, royalty, withstand, juvenile, burrow, barnacle, parasite, reside

(31) Official guide words, 12

20 concepts, including:
vein, indigenous, susceptible, lure, triumph, zero sum game, victimize, shortcoming, ubiquitous, entice, residual, book keeper, commentary, pivotal, unwitting, unwittingly, skeptic, freight car, barge, forage

(32) Official guide words, 11

20 concepts, including:
carnivore, abrasion, rule out, carcass, paltry, priceless, bidder, outrageous, inducement, dig, clandestine, provenance, payoff, narrate, reconcile, cardiovascular system, spatial, arboreal, dwell, contraction

(33) Official guide words, 10

20 concepts, including:
enshrine, transplant, pronounce, brisk, expatriate, consolidate, conventional, truce, proclaim, regulatory, convene, rural, aggravate, aggravating, breakwater, laudable, compel, distract, foster, tentative

(34) Official guide words, 9

20 concepts, including:
contaminate, dip, offshore, entail, curtail, inspect, shipment, disband, deter, evidently, mild, ridership, sparsely, interweave, filigree, ensconce, charming, cynical, ardent, quasar

(35) Official guide words, 8

20 concepts, including:
pension, duly, eligible, infection, inevitably, dispense, propagate, fortify, neglect, polygraph test, conservatism, astronaut, malfunction, indispensable, obsolescence, roughly, angler, bait, viral, cattle

(36) Official guide words, 7

20 concepts, including:
invade, seismic, forewarn, evacuate, feat, weed, grocery, underwrite, bargain, hominid, nocturnal, persecute, affluent, palm, pollinator, concurrent, deplete, aptitude, bower, inept

(37) Official guide words, 6

20 concepts, including:
carnivorous, lethal, hamper, revamp, preservative, planter, maize, squash, yellow jacket, venom, allege, virtually, irritant, sketchy, worship, shellfish, bull, debilitate, treatise, annul

(38) Official guide words, 5

20 concepts, including:
missile, fetus, supersonic, glisten, surge, under way, profess, pretend, tide, sweep, diabetes, chamber, exhale, fungus, concede, ever since, accord, veneration, idolization, blur

(39) Official guide words, 4

20 concepts, including:
undercut, grant, mandatory, longevity, terrain, exhaust, curb, resort, avalanche, steep, mesopotamia, extinguish, pasture, grassy, ape, spontaneously, inscribe, unconstitutional, supreme court, abridge

(40) Official guide words, 3

20 concepts, including:
obligate, promptly, premium, grape, prolong, vineyard, devastate, sled, steer, helmet, collide, excavate, counterpart, outlying, congestion, unwarranted, vigorous, intermittently, prey, contaminate

(41) Official guide words, 2

20 concepts, including:
Disenfranchise, pit against, outlaw, precarious, statute, stringent, disaster, strenuous, circumvent, dispute, oversight, abolish, consensus, resentment, conviction, deplorable, short sight, adjuster, lay off, policy holder

(42) Official guide words, 1

20 concepts, including:
treasurer (n), recoup (v), afford (v), municipal (adj), exclusively (adv), inclusively (adv), desperation (n), contradict (V), comparable (adj), suspect (v), fathomable (adj), syntactic (adj), semantic (adj), obscurely (adv), refute (v)

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